January 30th

Undoubtedly, it has been some time since an update. 

Chris has been enjoying his time visiting with his many friends and family from the comfort of his home, and since we last updated, a number of things have happened to bring joy to Chris and all the family.

One of the perhaps most mentionable things to happen as 2016 came to an end, took place at UWM-- a school that Chris never finished, but attended back in the day. Every now and again (i.e. not that often), the school awards honorary degrees for outstanding individuals. Chris was nominated, and then picked to receive an honorary doctorate degree in business. Surely the years of distinguished business practices led to not only a successful business, but also showed Chris' philanthropy and commitment to bettering the community, making him a perfect recipient for the award.  Chris was unable to attend the school's ceremony, but was offered an alternative instead. A private ceremony took place on the eve of December 15th, as the chancellor and provosts presented Chris his honorary degree for all he has done in his business practices as well as philanthropy. The evening was exciting, humbling, and totally epic.  You can read a bit about it here.

The holidays were nothing short of merry as we celebrated in the best way we know how-- by throwing our annual Christmas caroling party at Kegel's Inn. Chris was able to attend, not only physically, but in the best spirit possible. Friends and family were abound. There was food, drink, and a cheerful ambiance. We all had the best time, and Chris sang his heart out!

The latest occurrence, however, topped the previous two. On Saturday January 28th, Chris' eldest son Noel threw a party of magnificent proportions to celebrate his engagement to his love, Katie Bricco. This engagement party, meant to be a prelude to the "actual" wedding, turned out to be more magical than just an engagement celebration. Noel was on stage to make some announcements and to tell the crowd that Katie was (once again) going to be late. The music started playing and Katie arrived-- wearing the most beautiful sparkly wedding gown and veil as she walked through the party to join Noel on stage. They took turns sharing stories about their lives, and how they met, and thereafter were joined on stage by a woman from their Unitarian church, who officiated the wedding. The guests were amazed as they witnessed incredible vows of love and commitment. Although Chris was unable to attend, he watched from the comfort of his home via skype. It was a magical surprise and we are so, so thankful that Chris was able to watch his oldest son get married in the most creative and wonderful way.



Whereas many things continue to grow in love and in family, unfortunately, Chris' health has recently been steadily declining. At this time, he is enrolled in at-home hospice care from Zilber Hospice Center. Chris is experiencing heavy bloating in his legs and midsection, making it very hard for him to move about the house. He is feeling very weak and tired most of the time. Thankfully he has found much comfort in the care he has been receiving. From the nurses at Zilber, to his wonderfully caring wife, Mary. From his youngest daughter Tessa, who joins him during the 5 days of the work week, to the countless family members who are there for him in every way possible. He is in great hands

We have appreciated the drop-ins and constant flow of loved ones, but what Chris needs now is rest, relaxation, and peaceful days. Visits from now on will be limited to family only in order to give Chris the environment he really needs. 

Thanks for checking in with us, and we'll update you soon.


Hugh Jass