Saturday, September 24th

STATUS: Chris is still recovering from surgery at home and still not accepting visitors.

There is nothing quite like the comforts of your own bed, and after a week at the hospital, there is really "no place like home". Chris has enjoyed being back and is taking time to heal.

The news of Chris Kegel Day along with the continuous love and support from family and friends is working to make Chris feel better. Love is a powerful medicine, so THANK YOU ALL AGAIN.

We are resting up and getting ready for tomorrow's epic event. Though we are taking things day-by-day, the goal is for Chris to attend the party for an hour or two.

Special thank yous again must go out again to our #1 supporter Trek Bicycles for the T-shirts, after party, & event logistics, Kevin Hardman for organizing the whole thing, the Wisconsin Bike Fed, and countless others who have stepped up with such short notice to honor Chris with this ride.

We look forward to celebrating tomorrow, September 25th 2016, officially proclaimed Chris Kegel day by the State of Wisconsin and Cities of Milwaukee & West Allis. :)


Hugh Jass