Thursday September 22nd

After a long weekend of countless visitors (thanks all!) Chris is truly feeling the love. He is slowly gaining more energy and feeling much better in his recovery from surgery. Yesterday, in fact, he was detached from all IV's and was able to take a nice long jaunt around St. Mary's. It has been a wonderful facility (that looks more like a hotel than a hospital) and Chris has been very appreciative of the caliber of care, comfort, and professionalism that was given during his stay.

Today is a momentous day-- Chris will be released from the hospital today so that he can rest in a more comfortable environment.

This means, however, he will be taking a break from all visitors. Though he has enjoyed seeing EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, he will use the next bit of time to relax peacefully with his love, Mary Hanley-Kegel, and his family.

We will announce when he can have visitors, so keep checking here.

Please take the time to part take in Chris' Slow Roll Bike Ride that will take place THIS SUNDAY at STATE FAIR PARK with the party to follow at KEGEL'S INN


Hugh Jass