Wednesday September 14th

Chris goes to see Dr. Drew Elgin, an esteemed surgeon in his field. Chris is scheduled for a Cat scan right away.

The Cat scan reveals something much bigger than expected— an orange-sized mass on Chris’ liver, which is severely inhibiting liver function and consequently poisoning his body. Doctors drop what they were doing to clear the way for some serious problem solving. There was a clear sense of urgency, based on the functionality of the liver. Chris is scheduled for surgery the following day. Without the surgery, the liver could completely shut down within a matter of a week.

Dr. Drew Elgin was frank. From the size of the mass, and the fast-paced deterioration of the liver— all signs pointed to malignant behavior.

First thing’s first, though. Get the liver working.

The plan: unblock the bile ducts and drain the liver. Stents are scheduled to be placed with a scope, but with a plan B to place them externally. The procedure itself is risky. It is uncertain it will even be successful, but it’s the only option.

Throughout the day Chris is greeted with the ENTIRE medical team, who all come in to introduce themselves and explain their role in the procedure. He is also surrounded by his entire immediate family.

Chris is impressed by the caliber of the team and feels he is in good hands.

Hugh Jass