Thursday September 15th

For weeks Chris had been excited at work, explaining that he had been losing weight and was happy to be down to a weight he hadn’t been in years: “Down to 2_ _! He would say. When we asked how he was losing it, he simply said “You know, I just don’t have much of an appetite.” Knowing our father, we found that to be a bit fishy. To have Chris “not feel like” finishing his meal, came with a lot of questions— but we were relishing in his success. He was indeed losing weight, but he was also noticing diminished energy levels.

Surgery is scheduled for noon but does not get started until close to 2. The incredible team of doctors has put their best effort forward in devising a plan. There is high risk along with a very complicated surgery.

Everyone waits anxiously.

6pm, Doctor Elgin Arrives

He is finished with the procedure with both good and bad news: they were able to place 2 stents on his right bile duct which would at least buy some time. 70% of Chris’ liver has already been compromised by the cancer. Many more masses have been found, and biopsies were taken for further research. Although it is clear malignancy is present, no definitive diagnosis can be given yet.

Chris is in recovery before more steps can be taken. He is in great spirits and is in very little pain.

Chris is celebrating his incredible life and is open for visitors this weekend. To schedule a visit please call or text Amelia at 414-336-1270

Hugh Jass