November 19th Update

Hello Friends.

Apologies again for the time between posts. The world keeps turning, and finding the new ways to reinstate normal can sometimes take you a little bit to find your balance.

As of late, there have not been many significant medical changes. Chris has been trying out different treatments to help him regain strength, and has been to Froedtert to meet with another set of doctors to find out more about his cancer. The last CT scan showed that his stents are holding up nicely, and his liver is functioning. The cancer masses were visible, but not significantly more prevalent than before. Pain management and being as healthy as possible has been the main goal over the last weeks/months. All of the advice, articles, and help from you all has been greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Visitors from all stages of Chris' life have continued to pour in from across the country. As always, he and Mary are posting pictures on the regular on their facebook pages (if you wanna snoop :)

In addition, amazing tributes to Chris and his life's work are continuing to surface:

  • Milwaukee County Parks renames Milwaukee's first mountain bike trail system "The Alpha Trails" to the "Chris Kegel Alpha Trails" in honor of his continuous service to the Parks. Special ceremony to celebrate coming soon.
  • Tim Blumenthal (of People for Bikes) gives a speech at the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) World Summit acknowledging Chris' impact on cycling that helped shape our nation.
  • Chris receives special recognition at the Saris Gala. 3 of the 4 Kegel kids help demonstrate what makes him special and showcase a great video recapping the amazing day of the SLOW ROLL:

Please watch and enjoy!


Hugh Jass